Henri feels absolutely lost without a paintbrush and pen. At the tender age of 7, this Garden District resident is a mini-connoisseur of art who writes his own stories and then creates radiant illustrations to accompany them.

Henri Holiday Illustration
Evangeline Holiday Illustration

Evangéline… nothing gives this 3-year- old Lakeview girl more of a thrill than twirling around a room in a tutu. She is fortunate to have already visited four of the seven continents; sometimes she wonders how the Mona Lisa would look in ballet tights.

Manon, a 5-year- old who lives in Metairie, spends much of her time in reverie. She is not lost, however…her brain is busy synthesizing ideas about fashion. Manon just lights up when she envisions colorful patterns and textures that could be transformed into adornment.

Manon Holiday Illustration
Benoit Illustration

Benoît, six years old, would sleep on his skateboard if he could! This young Marigny rebel has already been white water rafting and rock climbing. He dreams of being the youngest person to do a solo kayak trip down the Mississippi river.

Anouk is a lively 10-year- old who tears out of bed each morning to check on her family’s animals. Living on a lavender farm in Old Algiers has made Anouk a dreamer. She has even fashioned her own library and loft space in the family’s barn. She sometimes sings to the animals.

Anouk Holiday Illustration